A Sacred Moment By Lynn Baskfield

This is the story of Morrito. It is also the story of the spirit of Horse as it re-emerges on the planet today.
When I was in Uruguay there was little black horse who helped me teach equine guided coaching to a group of thirty horse professionals.  Twenty-five-year-old Morrito is a criollo, a small, hardy breed native to Uruguay and other countries in South America often characterized as intelligent, willing and sensible. Criollo are similar to mustangs in the US. Morrito has been part of a therapeutic riding program, carrying handicapped children on his back every day for most of his life.  Children and staff alike love him to pieces. This was his first experience coaching. 
Little Morrito was one of the horses who worked with us during a four-day intensive training. All the activities were on the ground. No one rode him. He He was quiet but present. I noticed how sweet and patient he was with the adults in our group and also with the children who came to participate in a demonstration on the last day, but at first I didn't understand the extent of his great wisdom. It wasn’t long before I, too, fell into the spaciousness of his heart. On the last day, after all the activities were over and the participants had learned much from the horses, I invited everyone to come out and mingle with the three horses that were loose in the arena. I suggested they ask the horses for any last insights or wisdom that they might want to give. I walked out with the group as well.
As soon as I did, Morrito walked over to me through the crowd slowly and deliberately, his head bowed as if initiating a ceremony. He stopped in front of me, held his head still low, and with great dignity thanked me. At first I just knew what he was telling me, and it brought me to tears.  Then I heard these words: "Thank you. I have been waiting for so long to share my wisdom. I have been able to do that here. Thank you."  And with a heart full of gratitude, I bowed to him and thanked him from the depths of my being as well. 
I will never forget that moment. Morito spoke for himself of course, but he was also speaking for Horse.  I felt honored to be able to do equine assisted work, and to offer it to others the world over so that they can give the Morritos who have been waiting for so long to share their wisdom, a voice. Many people noticed what had happened and, even though they hadn't "heard" exactly what he said, they too were moved to tears. They knew they had witnessed the sacred moment, and they, too, were touched and inspired by a little black horse. 
Lynn Baskfield, owner of SpiritDance Coaching, is a Minnesota based equine guided coach and educator doing individual coaching, retreats, and group workshops for spirited midlife women (and older) around the world. She is also conducting a yearlong apprenticeship program in Australia starting March, 2015 for coaches and horse professionals who want to become qualified Equine Guided Coaches. www.equinecoaching.com .

© Lynn Baskfield 2014