Retreats and Workshops


 Personal Retreats         

  • Do you crave more creative time ?
  • Are you traveling through the gray territory of transition?
  • Do you want to reflect on what has heart and meaning for you?
  • Do you desire to rekindle passion in a relationship?
  • Or maybe you just want time to relax, darn it!
Customized Personal Retreats let you design a retreat that gives you just what you need: 
  • Personalized Horse Sessions that mirror what has heart and meaning for you
  • Coaching and guidance through transition
  • Help connecting with your muse

Book now for Summer and Fall, before the spaces are filled.  Don't let the time slip out of your hands--again. Weekday or weekend times available for overnights, 2- and 3-day retreats. Call Lynn at 612-823- 7022 or email

 Prices based on services you choose. Call or email today to Co-design your session!



Thank you doesn’t really convey the gratitude for the retreat you created for my friend & me yesterday. There was time, support, space, acceptance, gentle prodding, sharing along with the medicine of the horses and the land.  I find myself using the medicine concept for many things now and will be going back over my notes, sitting & writing & reflecting more today on what has been bubbling up.  You have a solid way of being that seems to invite possibilities, knowing that whatever it is, is ok.




Writing the Wind: Horse Wisdom for Writers

Tap into the wisdom of the horses.  Find your authentic voice.  Trust your deep knowing.  Craft the stories that satisfy your soul. 


Let the spirit of the horse free your creativity. Spend time reflecting on your most compelling themes and issues. Do writing exercises and find your authentic voice through experiential guidance from the horses.  All exercises with horses are done on the ground.  No previous horse experience is necessary. 



Can be done as a one-day intensive or six evenings. Let me know when you'd like to book your writers' group! Email or call 612-616-3842


Private sessions for writers and artists also available. 


Balance for Busy Women   

We promise you time:

  • To enjoy the out of doors
  • To see your deepest needs reflected in the eye of the horse
  •  To write and reflect on what you saw
  • To recharge your batteries with rest and fun 
  • To connect in a meaningful way with other "old souls"


 Horses lead us into the soul of the feminine. Intuitive beings who reflect back to us what has heart and meaning, horses help us see when we are fooling ourselves and when we are on the right track. Your work with the horses in this workshop will inspire new and effective ways to care for yourself and to bring your life into balance. Two life coaches and several delightful horses guide the process. 

2 Days: 10 a.m. day 1 to 2 p.m. day 2. 

To arrange an exquisite retreat for your group of beautiful Busy Women, contact Lynn Baskfield at call 612-616-3842.


Renewing Life with Horses       

 A 9-week workshop for people with life-threatening or chronic physical illness and those who support them

Or Book Renewing Life for your Group


This workshop will help you live life fully in the face of challenging circumstances.

Horses guide the rich curriculum with their wisdom, heart and warm presence, deepening insight and making life-affirming choices possible.

Through Renewing Life with Horses you can learn to: 

  • Use the circumstances of your life as a springboard for living well
  • Re-frame thinking to gain new perspectives on your experience, awareness, and development
  • Create a positive change out of crisis
  • Trigger personal development
  • Expand self
  • Redefine the purpose and meaning of life
  • Heal emotionally
  • See opportunity and find meaning in illness

(All activities on the ground. No riding or horse experience needed.)

Coached by a Horse: Equine Guided Demonstrations

Let us create a custom demonstration for your group.
Equine Guided Education EGE uses experiential activities involving horses to create metaphors reflecting “real life.” The approach is non-directive, allowing for opportunities to problem-solve and be creative. EGE is solution-oriented and acknowledges the power of choice. Most activities are done on the ground, making equine guided education accessible to people of all experience levels. Equine Education can help strengthen:

 Boundaries * Communication * Clarity * Leadership * Teamwork * Self-awareness *Confidence * Relationship-building skills 

This demonstration is experiential with participation of volunteers from the audience.  It is open to corporations or groups interested in learning more about how equine assisted learning works. We can travel to your location as well as do them out of one of our facilities in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN metro area. 612-616-3842 or Email Lynn. 


Horses, Heart and Healing

A half-day equine experience

Rediscover the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit in this special half-day workshop with horses. Let nature and horses help heal what longs for healing within you. Come back to what has heart and meaning.

You will work with horses on the ground doing experiential activities such as observing, approaching, touching and leading.* Horses are large and magnificent animals. Accomplishing a task involving a horse, in spite of fears or limitations, creates confidence and provides metaphors for dealing with challenging situations in life. Horses mirror exactly what your body, emotions, energy and thoughts are telling them. Their non-judgmental honesty makes them especially effective messengers. In addition, the horse’s natural responsiveness to clear intention empowers you live from the place of strength, no matter what your physical condition or life circumstances. 

Horses, Heart and Healing will:

  • Recharge your spirit
  • Remind you of your strengths
  • Hold your challenges compassionately
  • Give you insights that translate into immediate, practical actions you can apply in your life 

*No riding is involved. No previous horse experience is needed. All abilities welcome.

Call or email to book this equine experience for your group. 

What Participants Say about SpiritDance Workshops

  • Your workshop helped me to open my eyes and access my inner power to move forward.
  • The horse spirit was very powerful teacher.
  • This workshop brought together a deep wealth of business experience/ knowledge with the experiential soul of the horse that achieved results for my life like no other workshop I've attended. I left after two days with a declaration and intention for my business. 
  • It was a life-changing experience.
  • Thanks. I can't believe how impactful these two days have been for me.
  • I deeply appreciated the unique horse exercises, how they were introduced and broken out.
  • I gained valuable insight from the exercises. Loved working with the beautiful horses—they are truly a mirror of who we are.
  • Insightful feedback from the coaches was very challenging. Made me look a lot deeper into myself.
  • I loved the different perspectives from the different coaches.
  • really liked how we got into specific issues of individual people. Felt like you did a good job of building trust with the group.
  • I have already been recommending your sessions to friends.
  • I can't believe what I've learned about myself with your help and the horses. It's been a great value for me.
  • I am excited for the future of this work.