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Helping Spirited Midlife Women Celebrate Beauty, Passion and Purpose


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To all you beautiful midlife women: 

Do you long to tell a new story? Hear the music that makes your spirit dance? Claim the beauty that radiates from within? Renew passion and purpose? 


Sometimes in midlife we lose track of ourselves. Maybe we feel like there's just not enough time, we fear getting older, would like to feel better about our bodies, face losses or just plain feel a like our spirits aren't as high as we'd like. I say that is a great time to stop and, with a little guidance, reinvent ourselves.

I'm Lynn Baskfield. I've travelled the road of midlife, am a certified coach and equine guided educator and I'm excited to be here to help you get your groove back.   

As your coach, I help you step into the self that has been waiting for a long time to come front and center. I create a sacred circle around your life so that, week by week, you can attend to what has heart and meaning and walk into your future with grace and ease. 


How we get to the heart of what matters to you:

Along with talk coaching, I use experiential learning methods such as  storytelling, writing, creative expression, card readings, ritual, nature and very centrally, the wisdom of horses in my work. With these resources, I accompany you through rites of passage as you transition from old, stuck ways of being to living a more fulfilling, self-expressed life.

 My role is to listen carefully, ask powerful questions, and provide accountability. Your role is to deepen your learning, clarify your vision, and move forward with it.

We start with a two-hour Discovery Process and set up weekly appointments thereafter. I encourage all my local clients to do some of their coaching with the guidance of horses. Because coaching can take place on the phone or in person, you don't have to live in the same city your coach does. (Some of my out-of-state clients come in once in a while, too. Coaching with the horses is just too good to miss!)




What's Missing for You?

Do you love your life right now? Is it good but not great? Is it great but you know there is something more? Fill out the Midlife Satisfaction Checklist and see where life coaching could make a difference for you.

It is a joy to partner with you in the adventure of creating a life you love, to encourage your full self-expression, and to honor your unique path to a meaningful second half of life.

I love these words: 

Being self luminous,

You cause everything to shine

Delighting in your form

You fill the universe with delight;

Rocking with your own bliss         

You make the world dance with joy.

Utpaladiva (A.D.900 – 950)


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A little more about me:

Coaching related activities include being a member of the International Coach Federation and its local chapter, ICF Minnesota. I hold a masters degree in Human Development with an emphasis on coaching from St. Mary's University.

I've been coaching since 1997 with individual clients under the name SpiritDance.

*  All horse sessions are done on the ground. You need no horse experience to benefit from the wisdom of the horses.   


Lynn Baskfield, M.A.

  Certified Personal Professional Coach

Celebrating beauty,passion and purpose midlife and beyond

 Minneapolis, MN



What makes your spirit dance?



Whether we call it Equine Guided Education or Equine Assisted Learning,

the important thing is that we listen to the wisdom of the horse.

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