Go See a Horse

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Go See a Horse:

When the thought of hiring one more consultant sends you over the edge

When you have a file full of unused ideas about how to be a more effective leader

When another team outing to the bowling alley isn’t going to help get that project done   


For training that sticks: Go See a Horse 

  • Horses are large animals. Working with them successfully requires us to become acutely present and aware – much like the horses themselves
  • As animals who are preyed upon, horses are tuned in to the slightest inconsistency in their environment. 

  • They recognize and reflect back to us our own inconsistent behaviors – behaviors we may not have been aware of that stop us from being effective leaders or team collaborators.
  • As animals whose survival depends on a cohesive herd, they teach much about working together effectively in team settings.

Half-day, full-day and custom training are available:  Go See a Horse programs 


Bring Your Whole Self to Your Leadership

Leaders who feel they must hang their hearts at the office door while their heads take over the workday do not thrive. In working with leaders from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, from government agencies to boards of directors, I have found that when a leader is encouraged to balance head and heart, he or she not only grows and thrives, but becomes more effective.

Go See a Horse programs are based on the SpiritDance HEART-based Leadership Model.


H - Horses. Horses tell us when we are fooling ourselves and when we are authentically lined up with our own truth. They demand congruence of head and heart if they are to follow willingly, and they teach us how to come into and operate from that powerful place of alignment. 

E - Experiential. All SpiritDance Leadership Training and Teambuilding programs are Experiential. This means that you will touch horses, smell the fields and the barn, have your feet on the earth. You will move, respond, use your body. In fact, the first point of learning is your body. After the fact, the mind can then process what happened and make practical applications to real life. Experiential, body centered learning sticks. 

A - Awareness to Practical Action. Working with the horses and trained coach/facilitators elicits high levels of self-awareness. Horses reflect back to us how we show up, how we affect others, what we are feeling and thinking, and as mentioned earlier, when we are fooling ourselves and when we are on the right track. Because horses don't care how much money we make, what our position is, or what kind of car we drive, they give us straight feedback -- and while it's sometimes easy to dismiss the thoughts of a colleague or especially a subordinate, it's hard to argue with a horse. The non-judgmental feedback we get from the horses about how we're being in the world is easy to translate into practical behavior change at the office. And the good news is, the horses also reflect back to us strengths which we were previously unaware of .

R - Results.  These are just some of the results produced by body centered learning and the clear feedback from the horses:

  • Better communication with colleagues and team members
  • Increased trust
  • Ability to build on employees' strengths
  • Confidence
  • Clarity of vision/mission
  • Increased emotional and social Intelligence

T - Transformed workplace. Unlike other kinds of training, the learning and the metaphors that you take away from your Heart-Based Equine Guided Leadership Training stay alive in the day to day culture. This work "percolates" over time. The learning resides in the body and in the language of the workplace. Because horses get to the heart of the matter, old, stuck paradigms shift unexpectedly, offering new, innovative approaches to employee relations and successful results. 

Partial list of clients served:


St. Mary's University Organizational Leadership Program

Ramsey County, MN Workforce Center

Red Wing Shoes

Fairview Health Systems

Park Nicollet


Catholic Health Initiatives

Meyers Printing

Hormel Foods

Full Circle Leadership

S.C. Johnson

Bethel University

St. Thomas University

Ryan Companies

About Lynn's Leadership Training Background:

I have been doing leadership training and team development since 2003 for highly functioning executives as well as large and small teams. I also assist other professionals whom I have trained or helped train, to consult for and co-facilitate corporate trainings they are leading.  In addition, I work with other coaches to provide equine guided leadership training as a powerful addition to their existing leadership training programs.  It's always a pleasure to bring leaders and teams out to the farm, spend time in nature, and let the wisdom of the horses do its work. Here is a video clip from a past program. I'm the facilitator with the dark hair. 


Go to the people
Live with them 
Learn from them
Love them 
Start with what they know 
Build with what they have 

But with the best leaders
When the work is done 
The task accomplished
The people will say 
“We have done this ourselves.”

Lao Tsu (700 BC)


Custom Designed Options

In addition to our half- and full-day Go See a Horse Programs, we also offer Equine Guided Leadership and Team Building Programs custom designed just for you.

  • Choose a one- to five-day program.
  • Venues in New Mexico, Minnesota, Arizona, or will travel to site of your choice in the U.S. or abroad. 
  • Please contact Lynn Baskfield to book and build your HEART-Based Leadership Training.



Lynn Baskfield, M.A.

  Certified Personal, Professional, and Business Coach

 Rio Rancho, New Mexico





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