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Help your clients face daunting challenges using the powerful Hero's Journey approach with this downloadable manual of Hero's Journey activities for Equine Guided Practitioners. Delve into the hero's journey archetype and use the nine step-by-step activities, one for each phase of the journey, with your clients. An abbreviated Hero's Journey activity is also included along with ideas for applications with individuals and groups. 


This E-manual is not the official word on Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) as there is no official word. The field continues hold robust forums to help define and recognize Equine Assisted practices that are separate and distinct from therapy. What you’ll find here is shared from Lynn Baskfield's twenty-four years of coaching and training experience, twenty-one of which include horses.

This manual distinguishes approaches that are under the umbrella of Equine Assisted Learning: adult learning, distinctions between traditional and experiential learning models, training done with groups, coaching, and distinctions between coaching and therapy. As a certified coach herself, Lynn has found that coaching skills are useful to bring to all areas covered in the manual. The coaching sections are more fully developed with an overview of some of the skills involved. 


Some People You Will Always Love: Finding the Stories that Satisfy Your Soul (Trade Paperback)

The stories in Some People You Will Always Love are simple, true stories of the day-to-day that will return you to the enchantment of your own life and your own stories. This book makes celebrating your life through story an accessible, exciting process. The simple but powerful exercises at the end of each chapter will help you to find the stories that satisfy your soul. You will put the book down knowing that you, too, are a storyteller.

People who buy this book come back for more. They give them to midlife friends, teachers, writers, women's groups, support groups and more. Great gift for yourself, too.


Kindle edition

Trade Paperback


Special Report: Telling a New Story: Reclaiming Beauty, Passion and Purpose Midlife and Beyond

In this 19-page Special Report you will learn:

  • How to tell the difference between drama and a story that empowers
  • How to identify the old story that no longer serves you
  • Unconventional ways of seeing your world through your own lens
  • The role of the body in remembering who we are
  •  How imagination can open up your world of understanding


One-Hour Horse Session with Blue Angel

Come play with Blue Angel. Bring a question, challenge or something to celebrate. 


Make Your Own Spirit Horse or Spirit Doll

Spend cozy two morning, afternoons, or evenings crafting your own spirit horse or spirit doll from a variety of materials and dyes. 


One-Hour Tarot Reading

Lynn has been reading cards for over 20 years and loves to use them as a way to help you gain insight into how your current choices can affect future outcomes.


Half-Hour Tarot Reading

Similar to the one hour reading with a bit more of a laser focus on one question or area of life. Lynn has been reading cards for over 20 years and loves to use them as a way to help you gain insight into how your current choices can affect future outcomes.