Why Horses

A Return to Spirit, Passion and Purpose


See how the beauty, power, freedom and spirit of the horse

can help your spirit dance!

 A Well-Kept Secret 

 Equine Guided work not only addresses the practicalities of living, it speaks the language of the soul, a language we understand the moment we hear its whisper.


Horses are intuitive beings who can show us in an instant when we are fooling ourselves and when we are on the right track. As herd animals who are tuned in to the slightest inconsistency in their environment, they mirror back to us inconsistent behaviors we may not have been aware of--behaviors that stop us from moving forward in life or from moving deeper into our own authentic spirit. When clients leave a session, they leave with insights they can apply immediately to their lives.

Equine-Guided Education (EGE) and Coaching  uses experiential activities involving horses to create metaphors that reflect real life. The approach is non-directive, allowing for opportunities to problem-solve and be creative. EGE is solution-oriented and acknowledges the power of choice. Most activities are done on the ground, making equine-guided coaching accessible to people of all experience levels.

"Experiential,"  as it pertains to equine guided learning, means that you will be touching horses, breathing them in, seeing them, and moving with them on foot. You will be in the country, in nature, feeling the sun  on your face, walking on the earth, or smelling fresh hay in the barn. All your senses will be involved. 

This kind of learning bypasses a lot of the thinking that so often keeps us in a swirl. Instead, it goes straight to the heart of what you're passionate about and helps you see clearly what stops you from living a full out, full-color life.

"I am amazed at what I discovered in such a bold and striking
yet unbelieveably simple and loving way." --Nona Potter


 Who are my Clients?

Those who want to live authentically with spirit, passion and purpose.  

 Move purposefully towards what you want in life--with coaching!

In coaching I assume you are creative, resourceful and whole, that you want to move forward with the things that excite you and that have heart and meaning. I invite you to clarify your vision, rebuild self-confidence and create joy in your life.    

Whether you are looking for balance, rethinking your career, grieving a loss, taking on a big challenge or reconnecting with the YOU you once knew, you can get come back home to your soulful self with me. Experiential methods such as storytelling, writing, creative expression, card readings, ritual, nature and very centrally, the wisdom of horses assist you as the coaching process helps you transition from old, stuck ways of being to reclaiming your innate magnificence, passion and purpose.

Because change takes place over time, I ask for a minimum 3 month commitment. There are a variety of SpiritDance coaching programs to fit your lifestyle and budget!




"Lynn Baskfield has helped me progress along, not only with getting clear with my business goals but also centering into my core during what seems to be one of the most challenging times I have experienced.  I felt seen, heard and held accountable to step into action.  Lynn has a way with being super transparent and authentic; I felt very comfortable to be messy in my coaching and found so much value in the process.  I will definitely be calling again when my next life tasks need some coaching."  -- Heather Digolio, Human Services Professional and Artist

Bring renewed spirit, passion and purpose to your workplace with Equine Guided Coaching and Education.
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Dr. Nancy Norling Dental Office, 1-day teambuiding

Coaching with horses helps build and strengthen:

  • Leadership skills, especially during this time of change
  • Clarity
  • Teambuilding skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to set and honor boundaries
  • Self-awareness
  • Confidence
  • Creativity 
  • Relationship building skills
  • Organizational development strategies

Clients report they are able to apply what they learn in equine-guided sessions immediately to their professional and personal lives--with extraordinary results.


 "I need to tell you what happened this morning.  (Keep in mind the exercise you had me do with one horse in the round pen and the other horses that eventually come to be part of it.) A staff member who has been one of the most challenging and gruff…..was the very first to volunteer to help this morning with a very complex review task that I asked for assistance with.  It truly brought tears to my eyes, as it is a breathrough."                                      
 --Sandra Loerts, University Administrator 


In addition to serving my own clients, I invite professionals from the coaching, human development, organizational development and therapy fields to partner with me to make the extraordinary benefits of equine-guided coaching available to your clients.