Nature Based Trauma Work with Horses

With Emily Fagg



Want to be more trauma informed?


Special Event for Equine Guided Coaches


Nature Based Trauma Work with Horses


Emily Fagg

Director of Stable Nature

Ballarat, Australia


Monday, March 6

4:30 – 6 p.m. MST




One of Australia's premier equine guided trauma practitioners, Emily Fagg will share her story and answer your questions about trauma treatment with horses and other nature-based modalities.


Emily is one of my early graduates of whom I am very proud. Through her pioneering work with horses and trauma in her region, she has been recognized and commissioned by Australian department of health to work with communities that were ravaged by recent bushfires and other natural disasters. Her work with horses supports people in those regions to move through traumas suffered in fires and floods and find balance again. She also has a private equine guided and nature-based trauma practice in Ballarat.




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Event will be recorded if you can't attend.