and Complementary Services


Coaching Programs 

Premier Coaching Program:

Two horse sessions and one 45 minute call per month. 

Or, if you are coaching via phone or Skype, two 45 minute calls per month with the invitation to book  a personal retreat with Lynn and the horses that includes one complementary horse session for each month of paid Premier Program coaching.(Three month minimum).

$550per month


Fire of Living Coaching Program:

One horse session and two 1/2-hour phone sessions per month


Four 1/2 hour phone sessions per month

(If you prefer, instead of phone sessions you can do in-person sessions at my Minneapolis office.)



Dare to Dream Coaching Program:


One horse session


Two 45-minute phone sessions per month



Adventure of Being Alive Coaching Program:


Work through unexpected challenges, choices and opportunities. 30 minutes of phone coaching per month to use as needed.

$75/mo (6 month retainer)


Coach on Demand:


Some clients have a big dream that they want to step into, or they simply want to have a structure of accountability for getting things done that haven't been getting done. They hire me on a 6 -12 month retainer and co-design a coaching schedule that keeps them on track. Pricing varies depending on what we design together. Please ask. 







Complementary Services

Get a Reading

Lynn has been reading cards for over 20 years and loves to use them as a way to help you gain insight into how your current choices can affect future outcomes. This is an exciting and stimulating way to access information outside of your linear thought process and works well alone or in conjuction with coaching, creative and equine guided work.

She integrates and combines the insights from many decks, including Tarot, Native American Sacred Path, and Archetypes.

Readings can be done in person,  over the phone or via Skype.


Free Your Creative Spirit

Lynn has helped hundreds of people rediscover their creativity through Artists WayVein of Gold, doing expressive arts and conducting writer's groups. She has even taught people how to make magic shoes!

She can coach you along your creative path whether you are a working artist or simply create for the love of it. As Julia Cameron says, "Creativity is to the soul as blood is to the body."

Here are some ways you can boost your creativity with Lynn:

  • Hire her as a Creativity Coach
  • Have her help you with your writing project
  • Look for Writing the Wind teleclasses and seminars for Writers
  • Look for Free Your Creative Spirit teleclasses and seminars


Many thanks to you for your excellent coaching that brought me back to my art. I feel like I have rediscovered a very essential part of me that could have disappeared completely without your gentle encouragement. I just had to let you know that I was accepted in the Empire Ranch 100 Art Show which opens here in Tucson in January. This was one of my dreams and I am thrilled to have one of the 100 pieces that was selected from 600 submitted. 

- Sara Kennedy, Kennedy Desert Art,



Have an Energy Work Session


Lynn works with energy through Healing Touch, Reiki, imagery, and intuitive methods. She spent over 10 years doing full body and seated massage. She developed the energy aspect of her bodywork practice in conjunction with her hands-on practice and now focuses on energy work alone. Enjoy the benefits of listening to your body's wisdom in the relaxing, nourishing space of Lynn's studio. $95

Or do a session out with the healing horses, $195

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Design Your Own....

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