The Call of the Horse

Apprenticeships and Mentoring to Launch and Sustain your Equine Guided Coaching Career


Are you a mature woman who is:

  • Feeling there is something more?
  • Successful in your career but hears the insistent Call of the Horse and doesn’t know how to answer?
  • Longing to bring the wisdom and beauty of horses into the work you already do?
  • Yearning to integrate horses and nature into a new equine guided practice?

But maybe you’re concerned that:

  • Working with horses to help people learn, grow or heal is not practical
  • In heeding the Call of the Horse you won’t be able to honor your family or work commitments
  • You won't be capable or competent enough
  • You will stop before you’ve gotten off the ground

Or you're confused about:

  • Which direction to go
  • Who to train with
  • How to learn the skills you need


Everyone I spoke with at our local International Coach Federation chapter recommended I work with Lynn when I said I wanted to learn how to integrate horses into my coaching practice, so it was meant to be!  What I appreciate most about Lynn is her patience and kindness during our sessions and her listening voice that disarms my inner critic and allows me to forge ahead.  What a blessing it is to know and work with Lynn and all the magnificent horses. 

-- Monica Anderson, Coach and Consultant, Unbridled Horizons, LLC


If you really want to step into your dream of coaching with horses, you’ve come to the right place.

My 20 plus years in the field of Equine Guided Coaching, with 17 years of experience training women to develop equine guided businesses, is a Best Kept Secret. That’s because I only take four Apprentices at a time in my year-long, individualized program that helps you develop the practical skills you need to bring the wisdom and healing of horses into the world and develop your dream equine guided coaching practice.


Find freedom and ease as you move into your new career as an equine guided coach.

  • I make something that seems unreachable, reachable.
  • I take the uncertainty out of how to learn what you need to learn to develop your equine guided business.
  • I hold you accountable gently yet firmly as you take small steps toward being a competent, effective equine guided coach.
  • I foster your creativity and unique expression while you learn the basic skills of equine guided coaching.
  • I help you stay on track and operate from your sage wisdom when you get sidetracked by saboteurs that scream “What was I thinking. I can’t do this!”
  • I offer the flexibility needed to dive deep and move forward while attending to family, work and other commitments you may have.


All programs are individualized and co-designed by both of us to ensure you learn the basic skills of equine guided coaching along with other aspects that will make your practice uniquely yours. 

The basic skills needed to get your certificate are:

  • Horse skills, i.e., ability to understand horse behavior, anticipate strong reactions from horses and handle safety concerns. (If you come in with few horse skills, upon completion of the apprenticeship, the recommendation will be that you include an equine specialist in your sessions.)
  • Human skills, i.e., coaching and/or facilitation. (If you are a therapist or a counselor, those skills will serve you well and you will be including the coaching basics course that is part of the apprenticeship.)
  • Horse/human interaction skills, i.e., this includes somatics (body language), energy awareness, and intuitive awareness, verbal language and intonation cues (human). You will learn to formulate questions and coaching approaches from this bridging.

If you are interested in becoming an equine guided professional or have questions contact Lynn.

We will have an in-depth, one-hour conversation where I learn more about your background and your big dream -- how you see yourself coaching with horses if there weren't any impediments. If you are interested in going further, I write up your proposal with an overview of what your year will look like, specific to your goals and desired outcomes. If you decide to become an apprentice, the cost of the hour will be deducted.

 You will also be offered a 6-week bonus Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness program (a $1000 value) that helps you build the "muscle" to move forward powerfully from your wise sage self when you feel hijacked by those nasty saboteurs. 

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My commitment to you is that you come away with value whether you decide to work further with me -- or not. If you do decide to continue, the consult fee will be deducted from the cost of the work we do together. 



"Lynn is highly regarded internationally as one of the pioneers in this wonderful field of personal development and healing drawing upon the platform of horses. She has coached and mentored me for the past 5 years and is integral in my business being the success it is today."   - Emily McVeigh, Equine Learning Experiences Australia



Perhaps you are already launched, but something is stopping you from moving forward or growing your business the way you would like.

Call or book below to design a customized coaching program that will take you to the next level of bringing your gifts to the world through your work as an equine guided professional. 

To bring your professional development to the next level, call 612-612-3842 or email. 


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 Lynn provided a comprehensive, year-long instructional course that helped me develop from the diverse viewpoints of client, student, horsewoman and fellow professional. Because of the intentional structuring of her program, I was able to experience immense amounts of growth, as well as create and actualize my own equine guided business. Lynn's quiet and reflective coaching style combines with her gentle candor and acknowledgement of my talents created a beautiful space for personal and professional enrichment. I would highly recommend Lynn as a coach and a professional mentor.     

Johi Kokjohn-Wagner, Sage Herd Equine Facilitated Coaching, Fort Collins, CO

When the call comes, I answer.

I teach, coach and mentor budding and seasoned professionals in the field of Equine Guided Coaching and Education. I love this work and feel it is deeply important right now in a world that is learning to be self-aware, heart-based, and conscious, like the horses are, of our oneness with all creation. 

I offer mentoring and my Call of the Horse Equine Guided Apprenticeship internationally through SpiritDance Coaching, a continuation of the successful apprenticeship program I co-founded in 2004. As a practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field of Equine Guided Coaching, it gives me great joy to teach and mentor practitioners who are committed to making the world a better place for the humans and animals they work with.  

You can be mentored or do your apprenticeship from anywhere in the world.

I look forward to working with you.