Client Testimonials

Equine Guided Coaching Client Reviews


Here's what some of Lynn's clients are saying:

" I wanted to thank you for always hanging in there with me and for the powerful inner connections you've helped me articulate. It has been nearly a year since our last session and I'm having a "look at where I am now!" moment. Even through all the health issues and uncertainty, I was able to take time to learn new skills, practice them and open up to even more. I wanted to celebrate it all with you! Thank you, Lynn."

Alice Barry, CIC
Entertaining The Idea LLC


" Thank you for being such a powerful coach and witnessing with such grace.  It is much appreciated."

In gratitude,
Diana Gabriel, PCC
Professional Certified Coach
Catalyst for Personal and Professional Growth


" Many thanks to you for your excellent coaching that brought me back to my art. I feel like I have rediscovered a very essential part of me that could have disappeared completely without your gentle encouragement.
Sarah Kennedy, award winning western artist"sarah

Sarah Kennedy
Kennedy Desert Art


I gifted myself with a four day individual retreat with Lynn and the horses.  Those four days made a profound difference in the way I now look at life and the changes I now see that I can easily implement to be more in alignment with who I truly am.  Thanks to Lynn and my equine professor Gyp, I'm transformed!

Hugs & Harmony, Janet Roper, Animal Communicator Talk2theAnimals

"There is not a day that goes by that I do not remember the message from my horse experience and re-ground myself in why I am here."
Cheryl Leitschuh, Ed.D., RCC
Leitschuh Leadership Consulting

"Thank you for being such a powerful coach and witnessing with such grace. It is much appreciated." 

Diana Gabriel, PCC

Professional Certified Coach

Catalyst for Personal and Professional Growth


" Working with Lynn and the horses is like having a mirror held up. They are a team, gently offering a reflection and helping me see what I have not been able to see on my own. Lynn and the horse partners, dancing in a sacred dance in service of each of us having a richer, more meaningful life. It is sacred, yummy, and sometimes downright messy work -- which I highly reommend."

Michelle Burns, PCC

THRIVE Personal Retreats


" Time and time again, the coaching experiences I had with you and the horses comes back to me and applies to not only work and life situations but also keeps my soul and spirit mine.
Thank you for your outstanding coaching.  I am amazed how you can help bring me to different perspectives, sharpening my view, bringing clarity.
Everyone should take the opportunity to work with you and the horses."

Sandra K. Loerts, Director of Financial Aid


" WE have downsized to a wonderful home with woods and views! I am headed to the boat soon for 2 months on the ocean and plan to have smooth sailing! Thanks for all you have given me to help me envision the future and make it real!

Trish Jordan, Master’s Circle Realtor


" I'm so grateful to you for helping me access and develop whole new areas of myself!  I have such fond memories of working with you, especially among the horses.
Grace and!"

Ann Kay, Director, Center for Lifelong Music Making


" Thank you not only for the great coaching and for creating such a perfect space for discovering, but also for giving me the experience of feeling at ease around such a HUGE animal that would have been frightening to me in the past.  What a gift you have for bringing out the best in life.
In gratitude,"

Certified Therapeutic Coach


" When relating to the horses, I saw that there are points in life, and especially with the horses, that you just can't just let things happen. I was letting Cole push me around to see what he would do left to his own natural inclinations. There has to be a balance. I am more focused now on the areas where I need to take a stand and assert my life force. "

Elaine Klassen, Writer


" I met with my marketing/corporate relations guy and we came up with a more specific plan for moving forward with the potential corporate sponsor. I’m outlining that now, to send him this week, plus moving forward on radio and magazine interviews and a couple of new consulting opportunities. Plus, I got to play with the horses last week!"

" Thanks again for the coaching to get me moving on this."

Jenny Pavlovic
8 State Kate Press, LLC


" I was listening to your Coaching Corner presentation and I’m writing to let you know, I’m just off the phone with a client and experienced the power of your session with us. I remained curious and asking questions throughout the call - I have other "modalities" which I practice. However, keeping a focus on the asking questions truly was powerful. I felt myself developing a "stronger muscle" on that front."

Maureen Donoghue,
Equine Facilitated Coach


"Thank you for giving me an excellent foundation for my equine work. If you remember, one of my top values was to live my esprit. I am doing just that. Thank you for opening me up to a whole new wonderful world of horses and humans. You are woven in my life story forever."

Jean Johnson, Psychologist