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Personal Coaching Programs and Services 

For information about the many coaching program options for individuals and complemenary services that are also available at SpiritDance, CLICK HERE. Lynn works primarily with midlife women and older who are redifining beauty, passion and purpose.


Thank you. Lynn, for all you have done to make all these changes in my life possible - through your confidence, faith, belief in a seed wanting to emerge.  I have been so blessed by all I have learned ... and have found and claimed so much more of myself.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Looking forward to the wonders that lie ahead!    - R.G. Minneapolis,MN


Go See a Horse: Leadership and Team Building Programs

For information about how you can build strength and competence as a leader, and how to perform better as a team, CLICK HERE.  Lynn has worked for over 14 years with two-person to Fortune 500 companies.


 Love the wisdom, compassion and magic of connection that you help channel - and the powerful space you create that brings us truth and oneness with the spirit we share with other beings - equine specifically. Much love, Lynn. What a confirmation of your unique essence and spirit you share  --Gwendolyn Keith, M.A., Healer, coach, activist, Durham, NC




I'm so glad you came to visit! Please take your time and look around. There is much good food for your soul here at SpiritDance. For now, I'll jump right in and show you...

How Personal Coaching Works
Coaching assumes you are creative, resourceful and whole. There is nothing to fix. Just as every Olympic athlete has a coach, healthy people have coaches to hold the space of discovery, uncover blind spots that may be holding you back, identify strengths you didn't know you had and remind you of the magnificent soul you are.

First and formost, I am a coach. I've been helping transform lives for 20 years. As your coach, I help you step into the vision for your life that wants to come front and center. 

Here's how I help you do that. Together we:

  • Clarify your vision of what you want
  • Identify obstacles that keep you stuck and how you can break through
  • Create a plan that includes easy to manage, bite-sized steps to creating a life of heart and meaning

 My SpiritDance Coaching Model shows you visually what we may explore together to reconnect you with what you love in your relationships, career, spirituality and fun. Bear in mind that the model is for understanding the big picture. The coaching process, like life, is not linear. In coaching we dance with the process as you are in action creating your ideal life.





 "Through all this change you've been a touchstone for me. You see me for who I am and where I am in the moment. You've helped me be patient with myself. I now feel that I am home."     - Nancy P., M.A., Medical Writer, Minneapolis, MN

New clients do a two-hour Discovery Process that helps identify values and goals as part of your coaching process. Returning clients build on previous work and deepen from there. Since change takes place over time, I ask that you coach with me for a minimum of 3 months.


You can do phone coaching or in-person coaching at my office. Or, for additional learning and deep insights you can coach with the horses  Because of this flexibility, it doesn't matter where you live. 


Now offering Coaching on Demand

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Lynn's new edition of her book

Some People You Will Always Love: Finding the Stories that Satisfy Your Soul

Lynn uses story as an integral coaching tool for clarifying values, honoring the past and creating new futures. 

Also available on Kindle

The stories in Some People You will Always Love are simple, true stories of the day-to-day that will return you to the enchantment of your own life and your own stories.

Some of the stories in the book tell about how the author found her voice and her stories, giving you inspiration and clues for finding yours. Some of he stories observe little miracles and meanderings in the lives of others; they remind you to notice the stories all around you. These, too, are the stories of your life. 

This book makes celebrating your life through story an accessible, exciting process. The simple but powerful exercises at the end of each chapter will help you to find the stories that satisfy your soul. You will put the book down knowing that you, too, are a storyteller.