Through my coaching and programs I guide you through rites of passage with storytelling, writing, creative expression, ritual, retreats, nature and very centrally, the wisdom of horses. 

It is my pleasure to offer powerful solutions in four specialty areas. Click on your areas of interest to explore what's possible for you! 

I recognize that in every area there are additional challenges and stresses as we as individuals and a society respond to Covid 19. I am committed to bringing powerful tools to you as you navigate this new territory. 





Midlife Women and Beyond
Get Unstuck
Celebrate Beauty, Passion and Purpose
Passages include:
  • Navigating an Empty Nest
  • Relationship Challenges and Changes
  • Career Change
  • Stepping into Your Big Dream
  • Yikes, It's Happening to Me: Confronting Getting Older
  • Looking toward Retirement
Coaching Programs, Retreats, Creative Expression  
Conscious Aging
Opening to the Gifts of Aging, Navigating the Challenges

Passages include: 

  • Creating a Fulfilling Life after Retirement
  • Coming to Grips with Changes in Physical Functioning
  • Articulating and Embracing Your Wisdom and Experience
  • Creating a Legacy
  • Navigating the Loss of a Loved One

Conscious Aging can be done as a workshop, or as a personal coaching program. You will:

  • Explore assumptions & self-limiting beliefs about aging
  • Make more conscious choices about your life
  • Listen to your own inner wisdom & guidance
  • Integrate inspirational ideas and best practices
  • Open new possibilities for living fully
  • Tap into the collective wisdom and experience of the group through sharing with others on a similar path (Workshop only)
Professional Development:
Helping you Look Beyond Your Limitations

Personal coaching to navigate career change, no matter what career path you wish to explore.

Passages include:

  • Career Change
  • Empty Nest
  • Stepping into Your Big Dream


SpiritDance Apprenticeship Program:
Learn and Grow as an Equine Guided Coach 

 For some, their big dream is to do the work I do with the horses. As a practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field of Equine Guided Coaching and Education, it gives me great joy to teach and mentor practitioners who are committed to making the world a better place for the humans and animals they work with. Check out my Apprenticeship Program:

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Renewing Life
Renewing Life with Horses
For People with Life Threatening and Chronic Illness 
and their Support People
Passages Include:
  • Facing and Living with Life Threatening or Chronic Illness
  • Supporting someone who has a Life Threatening Chronic Illness
Inviting you to live authentically, using practical tools that support and encourage you to find opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth in illness. Can be done as a personal coaching program or in a group workshop setting.