Upcoming Events

I've recently moved to New Mexico and have been in a transition period, making new friends, creating relationships here with other practitioners and horse facilities. I am now feeling quite beautifully settled, having listened deeply to the land, the mountains that stand silent in the ever-changing light out my living room window, and of course, the horses.

I continue to coach individuals anywhere in the world by phone or video platform. I can take a few new clients at this time who want to genuinely listen for your next steps and take them. 

I also coach in person locally and through customized horse guided retreats  here in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area.  If you want to do a private vacation retreat with me, you can stay in our Airbnb suite, work with the horses in the mornings, and rest, journal or explore the richness of the area during your free time. You are most welcome here.

Here are the events that are coming up. Stay tuned for updates.

Conscious Aging, Rich Conversations Online Workshop Starting Feb, 23, 2023

Whispers of the Soul: A Spiritual Adventure with Sage Lewis, Lynn and the horses in New Mexico, April 26 - 30

Wisdom Keepers Horse Guided Retreat (Scroll down page for info)
5-day workshop with horses, New Mexico location. Exact dates and venue TBA
"Anyone who experiences a retreat with you will feel like they are in a living, breathing cathedral anywhere - cactus, mountains, deep forest or ocean."  Gwendolyn Keith, North Carolina