Haltering the Big Boy

July 29, 2014 @ 12:28 PM · Coaching, Equine Guided Practices, Inspiration

Angie runs a growing event planning business. In order for her events to be successful, she engages sponsors to help defray costs and contribute expertise. When she came out to coach with the horses, she was facing the challenge of finding a big sponsor to partner on a very large event she had in the works.

We walked out into the pasture with two halters. Sparky, a huge Belgian draft horse who stands over six feet tall at the shoulder, came over to check Angie out. She was at once awed by and afraid this gentle giant. She realized she felt the same way about an airline she had identified as a potential sponsor, both awed and afraid.

At my suggestion, Angie spent a little time getting to know Sparky. She looked at him, touched him, ...

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Kindness at the Crazy Horse Cafe

July 24, 2014 @ 11:27 AM · Inspiration

While in Las Vegas recently, my husband Bill and I took time out from preparing my daughter’s house for sale to go to a nice restaurant for dinner. We were seated at a candlelit table covered with a white linen cloth. Our waiter, Tony, was built like a refrigerator and had the presence of a prince. He served us with such grace and care that we left feeling nourished not only in body, but in spirit as well. A couple of days later, after working hard on the house, we asked a local woman where we might find a casual but decent place to eat a late night supper. She sent us to the hole-in-the wall Crazy Horse Café across the street from our hotel. I loved the name, so we went.

As we were being seated, my husband nudged me and said,...

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