Spot On from 1700 Miles Away

Responding to a combination of serving clients from around the country as well as responding to Covid restrictions locally, I have recently been doing horse coaching sessions via Zoom.

I bring my phone out to the paddock where Blue Angel, my wise old white mare, Derby the mini donkey with the big personality, and tiny black lead mare Cadence, spend their days. Long horned cattle and sandhill cranes laze in the pasture next door. Sandia Peak looms in the distance under the big New Mexico sky.

I have often said that if I ever give up my sense of wonder and discovery in doing equine guided coaching, I should turn in my card. This was when I was doing boots-on-the ground horse sessions with clients. I could always count on the horses to get to the heart of the matter in a hurry, no matter what I thought or what a client said was at issue. The horses were always spot on.

Well, I am even more in awe that the same thing happens with Zoom. There are many examples, but just the other day a client from out east came to a Zoom horse session with some rather unfocused concerns. I stood out in the arena with “the girls”, phone camera turned outward so my client could see the movement of the horses. No matter what my client said, the horses just hung out.  Blue stood still, head hanging low, her eyes getting heavier by the second. Soon, Cadence flopped down to nap in the sun. I got curious. Was my client tired?

Bingo! Even though I had done a few talk sessions with her on the phone, she never mentioned that she fought exhaustion every day while juggling her heavy work load. Knowing this now is central to our coaching conversations, as the fatigue she’d been trying to ignore needs to be addressed if she wants to remain healthy, happy and successful.

I thank the horses for getting to the heart of the matter—from 1700 miles away. I thank them for showing my client what it looks like to wholeheartedly rest. And I thank them for demonstrating so clearly that horses are master long-distance energy workers.

Even Derby the donkey laid down at the end of the session!


The Call of the Horse

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