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Equine Guided Education for Leadership and Life

Ann Romberg and Lynn Baskfield work well together as business partners and friends, blending their coaching styles and experience to bring the very best to their clients. They own Wisdom Horse Coaching, LLC, and do programs and workshops together under its auspices.

Ann and Lynn are at a time in life when wisdom is at the heart of what they offer. They assume that those who come to learn with them are creative, resourceful and whole, and they make it their job to help clients tap into their own wisdom and resources to create purposeful, fulfilled lives. The horses, of course, mirror back energy patterns and blind spots that, once discovered, free up a lot of untapped potential.

Through Wisdom Horse Coaching, Ann and Lynn do leadership and team builidng workshops for corporate groups and run an apprenticeship program for aspiring equine guided professionals. 




Ann Romberg



As co-owner of Wisdom Horse Coaching, Ann's specialty is coaching middle managers.   Twenty-five years in Fortune 500 companies as a first line, middle and corporate officer showed her the gap that is here for managers and how much more effective they could be with the support of an executive coach. It’s even tougher now, with fewer staff, less money and less support from the organization.  Ann is deeply passionate about helping managers be extraordinarily successful!
Working with the horses and Ann will reveal blind spots and build new skills quickly. Whether you are unsure what action to take, struggling with that negative internal voice or need to work on a project you never get to, you can count on she listens deeply and compassionately, bring forth your gifts, your skills, the ways that work for you and champion you as you move forward.
Ann’s professional experience includes work in all levels of IT management from first line to executive in a Fortune 500 companies, small business owner, and teacher. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from Coaches Training Institute and is a member of International Coach Federation and MN Coaches Association. She has received Equine-Guided Education Certification. She has done extensive training in Equine-Guided Coaching and presented at national conferences and has worked internationally. Her degrees include a BA in Math and Psychology and an MS in Computer Science. She is also a qualified Myers-Briggs Personality Type practitioner.

Ann’s greatest teachers have been horses:  Sky, her chestnut Morgan taught her patience, leadership and love; Yani, a sensitive quarterhorse, showed her in no uncertain terms her commitment to bring Equine-Guided Learning to people in their business and personal lives.



Ann Romberg  (651)766-8920, ann@wisdomhorsecoaching.com, www.carrotcoach.com




Lynn Baskfield


Lynn has a Master of Arts in Human Development and is a certified life coach, transformational educator and the author of two books. A lifelong horsewoman, she partners with horses to evoke insights and learning that her clients cannot get anywhere else.  She works with individuals and teams who want to deepen their connection to spirit, express themselves authentically and work effectively with others. An entrepreneur all of her adult life, Lynn has a special commitment to those who want to make a living, AND have a life, doing what they love.


Lynn has trained with Coaches Training Institute, The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and the Rancho Strozzi’s Horses and Coaching program. She is a leader in creating standards, training, and guidelines for the developing profession equine-assisted learning nationally. She also offers Spirit Adventure horse trips to Montana, Wyoming and other destinations.


Lynn Baskfield - (612) 823-7022, lynn@equinecoaching.com, www.equinecoaching.com