Use Your Body

Your body was made to move, touch, taste, see, feel, laugh, cry, holler, breathe deeply and love. Use your body to unlock your stories.  Your body will release the stories carried in its bones, its blood, its strength, its injured muscles, its aches, its quickness, and its slowness.  Your body will tell you because it is wise and it always tells the truth—if you listen.  Your inherent beauty will come forth if you are willing to see.

If you don’t listen to your body, you are not alone.  Our culture does not encourage it.  Our bodies may gently whisper, “Rest,” “Stop,” “Get more exercise,” “Love me.”  We rarely pay attention, however, until they whop us upside the head.  I call it two-by-four therapy.  

Especially at midlife and beyond, our bodies scream “Burnout!”  “Stroke!”  “Deprivation!”  When that happens, we can no longer do our jobs or tolerate our loved ones, have any sense of loving compassion for ourselves or notice that we have choices. That’s when our stories become high drama.  We get so embroiled in hanging on by our fingernails that we cannot separate who we are from the soap opera of our lives.