Story vs. Drama

This is a very important distinction. I am not advocating wallowing in your drama. When we think we are our stories, it’s a dead end street that will take you into a narrow and numbing old age quickly. What I am asking is that you lift yourself out of the old drama and look with new eyes at who you are in the world. Stories transform when we realize we are not our stories, but instead, that we can learn from them about what it is to be human.  Keep asking questions like these: What has a particular loss taught me? What did it take to make it through a hard time? How were you able to love in ways you never thought possible when you were younger? Who is that strong soft woman who keeps emerging through it all?

A good story has a universal message.  It may be light and humorous or deal with difficult subjects such as abuse or loss.   A good story touches us somehow; someone or something is transformed.

We are timeless, endless beings, deeply alive and interactive with the circumstances of our lives.  But we are not those circumstances, nor need we be defined or driven by them.  Soul-satisfying stories surface when we separate ourselves from our drama.  Stories that satisfy the soul give us access to who we are.  Our bodywork and our inner work give us access to stories that satisfy our souls as well.