Hero's Journey Activities for Equine Guided Practitioners

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Over the course of the almost twenty years working as an equine guided coach and educator, I’ve developed activities and materials based on the clients I’ve seen and the emerging themes I’ve noticed.

One of those themes is feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the face of daunting life challenges. Out of a personal interest in the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, I began to develop applications and activities with the horses that helped clients see their challenges in a new light, get “unstuck,” and come out the other side stronger and wiser. 

In this downloadable manual, I offer material I’ve developed for you to use in your practice and adapt, as needed, in your own ways.

Delve into the hero's journey archetype and use the nine carefully designed, step-by-step activities, one for each phase of the journey, with your clients. An abbreviated Hero's Journey activity is also included along with ideas for applications with individuals and groups.