The SpiritDance Model

A visual of how the process works!


  • S- Search for Meaning. Often people come in to coaching having lost touch wih what has heart and meaning in one or more parts of their life.
  • P - Plant Seeds of Possibility. Through the coaching process, new seeds of possibility begin to grow, new perspectives and behaviors begin to surface.
  • I - Illuminate Inner Truth. As we work together, we uncover your core values and shed light on your inner truth. As Mary Oliver says, "You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves." Coaching helps you remember what you love and say "Yes" to it. 
  • R - Relate Learning to Your Life. As insights emerge, coaching helps you relate the learning to your own life and apply it in practical and beneficial ways.
  • I - Integrate Inner and Outer. Coaching addresses both who you are being on the inside and what you are doing in the outer world. As we work together, being and doing fluidly integrate into a fulfilling whole. 
  • T - Take it to the World. Many clients long to make a contribution to those around them. The coaching process helps you recognize the contributions you already make, and step into other areas where you would like to make a difference in the world of family, work or community. 
  • Dance! - Finally, when you say yes to yourself, to what you love, to your truth and your heartfelt goals, fulfillment follows naturally. Your soul sings and your spirit dances!




Thank you for being such a powerful coach and witnessing with such grace.  It is much appreciated.

In gratitude, Diana Gabriel, PCC, Professional Certified Coach