The Flow of Life

Often when a client comes out to work with the horses, we walk out into the pasture with the herd with no particular horse in mind, no particular activity scheduled. As we breathe in the sweet air and feel it fill our bodies, we step into “horse time”, that kind of time that just is, open and spacious without pressure to perform. Often it seems as if nothing is happening. As a human being, I want something to happen for my client, but as an equine guided coach, I’ve learned to manage myself and just drop into that spacious place of being, keeping myself and my client present in the moment. As we watch and wait, things begin to shift. A hawk flies over. A horse comes forward. A feeling comes up. An action occurs. All of this culminates in a powerful session with the horses, born of trust in the process and a moving reminder to remain open to the flow of life.  

Lynn Baskfield, owner of SpiritDance Coaching,, is a Minnesota based equine guided coach and educator doing individual coaching, retreats, and group workshops for spirited midlife women (and older) around the world. She is also conducting a yearlong apprenticeship program in Australia starting March, 2015 for coaches and horse professionals who want to become qualified Equine Guided Coaches.

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